Letters to the Editor: Get on to the Friendship Express

It is quite disturbing to read and listen to stories of continuing animosity between the people of India and Pakistan. 

Your say: Inculcating reading habit

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Your Say: Refugees

Living as a refugee can be difficult. I came in close contact with a young girl who is a refugee in Europe. Her story is really heartbreaking as she has experienced many challenges in her life. She fled from Syria because of political turmoil and civil war. Considering her personal situation, one can see the magnitude of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Your say: Will the technological sector revive the Sultanate of Oman in the future?

Oman's economy is largely depended on oil revenues, but international oil prices continue to vary every few days. With no certainty of oil prices fetching higher prices, the economy too feels the pressure. When will the Sultanate stop relying on this sector and look for other avenues to contribute to Oman's economy?

Your say: Our small screens are our big prisons

Through the constant developments in the world and the vast improvement of technology, this world has gotten smaller and is now in our hands. We live through a series of events around the world through our small screens which have become our big prisons, captivating all our attention.

Letter to the editor: Identify root cause of terrorism

This refers to the report ‘India mourns dead soldiers amid calls for revenge’ (www.muscatdaily.com, February 17)

Letter to the editor: Wax-coated apples

The use of wax on fruits, especially apples to make them look appealing is a known fact. The picture here shows apples bought from a shop recently. Even after washing them several times, the wax did not go away. 

Letters to the Editor: No begging please!

Whenever I cross the exit gate (near the parking lot) at Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai airports, usually I hear this: ‘Dear brother, I haven’t eaten for three days...see the kid... . I need to feed him/her. Please give me some money.’  You see these kind of people around there who race behind you up to the car. And I see some familiar faces there at Thiruvananthapuram airport, where I often travel to. Those people are still begging uttering the same words.

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