Wake-up Call

Tomorrow might be very important for each one of us. Some prepare for their retirement, some have to go to the hospital, others to school, and some have to travel. But are we sure that the alarm clock is really working?

The wake-up call is important because it seems that no one is really concerned at present of what is going to happen tomorrow. We seem to be following routine and are forgetting the essence of things. The world started millions of years ago then came plants, animals and then humans. But honestly, we were supposed to be the superiors.

Nature continues its life, without corruption, without greed, inspired by beauty and revival, and we humans were supposed to be on top, and better than the rest. But how far are we from our role as leaders, is amazing. The world tried communism, but the humans were not mature enough and it became a real disaster, then we tried capitalism, not realising that gradually it erodes all the other values.

Our digital world should be at the service of the people, not the reverse. After centuries of existence, after so many wars, and at the same time so many discoveries in the field of science, medicine and art, we are not progressing.

We reached records, this year with over 65mn migrants abandoned all around the world, record of the number of the migrants drowned in sea, record of the number of people dead in Libya, Syria, Ethiopia and other places, not mentioning the innocent people who die from terrorist attacks in Paris, London, and elsewhere.

Maybe, the time is appropriate during the month of Ramadan to think of how we should improve our lives, by working harder, preparing for the next generations, reviving essential and everlasting values.

Every step taken these days is a result of selfish and unprepared decisions, such as the Brexit, the rivalry between Muslim brothers, the fights between North and South, between those who are for the sale of guns and those against. Let us hope that we have verified our alarm clock and that there will be a wake-up call, because without it we are going to be left out and technology and nature will take the lead.

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