Unwanted Cleaners

I don't know about you, but I for one, am very capable of a) Finding my own parking space and b) Parking without being directed by someone who probably has never driven.

This epidemic, and it can only be described as that, of multiplying, so called car cleaners at EVERY parking place you can imagine, begs a few questions that need to be answered.

As soon as I arrive to do anything from as mundane as food shopping to dentist visits, I am immediately crowded upon and fought over to be asked 'car clean madam?'

It has become such a burden and annoyance that I'm having to hold myself from screaming at them. It is nothing short of harassment . NO. NO. NO.

The scary thing is that there are so many of them now and all my friends complain of the same thing. Why are they allowed to do this? How did they come into the country? Which labour clearance designation did they come on?

Because as everyone knows, no one can work in Oman without a labour clearance, but I just find it hard to believe that hundreds of clearances are handed out for car cleaners. We should be issuing labour clearances for jobs that are needed in this country which serve a true need of the public and the businesses. I doubt an army of car cleaners qualify as such!!

So ¨I ask myself, am I missing something here? In the absence of clarity on the matter, I am going to play devil’s advocate and say what I think is happening: My theory is that these are all construction workers and labourers that are not actively employed at the moment, but rather than send them home while the companies wait to get new contracts , they are allowed to stay in the camps and find other work until they are required again by their companies.

It's a win-win situation: The companies have immediate access to staff as and when needed without having to go through the expense and the hassle of bringing workers all over again, not to mention, the companies find them a different way of making a living so they don't have to pay them salaries while waiting for a new contract.

If I am correct in this theory, what these companies are doing is perhaps the right thing from a financial point of view - but it shouldn't become a social irritance as it has. So if the root of the problem is not enough stream of contracts into the market place...then perhaps that is what should be looked at.

To simply turn a blind eye on all this is really not the solution.The problem is best represented by that old and wise saying... "give an inch and take a mile". I do not believe anyone would have batted an eyelash at one or two of these cleaners, but the sheer number of them has become a nuisance and not just to me.

I have witnessed many people telling them to go away in no uncertain terms. One lady went so far as to say that she would run him over if he didn't move away from the back of her car as she was reversing, because he insisted on cleaning her car even though she had said 'NO' many times.

Dirty clothes, dirtier water and that crowding of personal space is just getting too much. This is messing with the world recognised pristine image of brand 'Muscat'!!!

Somebody needs to do something about this!! My apologies to those that were hoping to read about fashion, I'll get back to that when I"m in Paris next week at the SS14 collection fashion shows.

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