Smarter Dressing

Can we talk about weight? I’m tired of having to worry about it.

The older I get, the worse it becomes and I have to eat so much less and exercise so much more. I’m thinking that’s all wrong because I should be able to sit down more as I gracefully age!

Putting the aspect of health aside just for now, (because let’s be honest, if you don’t know the importance of moderate exercise every day then I don’t think there’s anything I can do about in a small column) I want to talk about being able to fit into clothes and how our body shapes change.

As a ahhmm 40+ woman, I cannot buy clothes I used to simply because the fit has changed as the weight, although not significantly changed as I starve some days and run around like crazy on others, has redistributed! So with that comes new dilemmas. Am I the only one that feels this? Definitely not, as I listen to  my friends.
What is the solution? Well, when it comes to clothes and dressing I think I may have cracked it. It’s called smarter dressing. Just because you thought Lycra or slinky satin worked for you before (never me, I would hasten to add) it’s not going to cut it now! Good material, and anything flammable is an absolute no no!

A great cut and  super finishing and you’re much more than halfway there. What do I mean by that? A little less scrutiny on the diet. After all I am dressing for me, and much as I want to look good it’s more important that I actually feel good and enjoy my life. Vanity and obsession? They’re just perfumes, aren’t they... .

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