Salalah protesters face dilemma over call to end protests

A file photo of the protest in Salalah

Muscat - 

As Salalah protests enter the sixth week, protesters sitting in front of the governor’s office there, are now a confused lot after H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Hinai, Minister of Justice, met and convinced them to stop the sit-in on Friday.

At least 5,000 protesters attended the sit-in on Friday. According to Mohammed al Shahri, one of the protesters in Salalah, H E Hinai met the protesters’ representatives to deliver the message of His Majesty the Sultan asking them to end the sit-ins. “H E Hinai met us and conveyed the message of His Majesty the Sultan that we need to stop the sit-ins and get on with our daily lives as the government is looking into our demands.”

However, according to many protesters, the sit-ins may or may not continue. “Protesters have no immediate plans to leave the place because some of them have doubts that the message is not coming from His Majesty himself. Protesters are still gauging the authenticity of the message and are discussing the next step. Personally, I feel it’s time to stop the sit-ins as I feel the message is genuine but will have to go with the majority,” Shahri said.

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