Ministry of Manpower shut down forcibly in Sohar

Muscat - 

Exactly a month after trouble first started in Sohar on February 26, and four days after the Globe roundabout was opened last Wednesday, it seems that matters are still far from resolved.

On Saturday morning, a small group of young men entered the offices of the Ministry of Manpower in Sohar and Sohar Development Office (which comes under the Diwan of Royal Court), and forced all the employees to go home. The reason: ‘Join our strike until the pending demands are met’.

Ali al Risi, who has been part of the Globe roundabout protest from the beginning, said, “When they asked the employees of these two offices to go home, they left for the day at 11.30am not wanting to create any chaos .”

However Risi told Muscat Daily that this group of protesters was not part of them. “We had to call these people who had closed down the two offices by force, to find out why they had done so. They told us that they want the government employees to join them in their strike until all their demands, including increase in salaries and waiver of bank loans, are met. Though we tried to convince them that what they had done was not right, they are not willing to listen,” added Risi.

When contacted, the Ministry of Manpower in Muscat confirmed that the Sohar office was closed on Saturday, but that they didn’t have any further details.

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