Leadership of a new era

In the new era, we are witnessing the strangest attitudes. While numeric technology has taken over many jobs and replaced humans, we see that in France, for example, ‘yellow vest’ protesters have been on the streets for 25 weeks asking for jobs and revenues. 

France, a country with over 63mn people, is a member of the UN Security Council, one of the creators of the European Union, the country which is attracting the highest number of tourists in the world, the country famous for its culture, its language, its wine, its industry and its long history, has come to a standstill.

A young president, with a long-term vision, different from his predecessors, neither belonging to the left nor to the right, is bringing about in the country, early education changes, the need for competitiveness, strengthening of Europe and the need to work more years etc. The people on the streets want solution by the end of the coming month, not ten years from now.

The number of those on the streets stood at 150,000 at its peak, and journalists pretend that 40 per cent of the population has sympathy for those yellow vests. In addition, the far left and the far right are spending their time criticising, pushing those on the streets, and bringing the country to a halt. Similar situations are emerging throughout the world, in Venezuela, in the Gulf countries, in Poland, Hungary, Spain, the UK and the US.

What has brought our world to become desirous of immediate solutions? In the past, we were taught to have patience, have a vision, and be satisfied with what we have. Are the social networks, the press and the extremists responsible? We need to wake up and start re-thinking about our values. What world are we going to leave for our next generations?

In a material world where only money is important, we see children taking their parents to court, we see others stealing, others cutting corners everywhere they can.

Are these the values we were taught to follow? If in the past, there were on an average one hundred values, such as politeness, respect, humbleness, discretion, etc. today they have all been set aside and replaced by a single value - money. How can this be allowed? Is the burden on the leaders, on our politicians, on our educators, or on ourselves?

Time is running out and one has to find solutions, before it is too late.

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