How to make this planet a better place

As one of the 7.5bn inhabitants of this world in 2017, I thought of providing some thoughts to some other people living on this planet, knowingly precisely that hardly anybody will follow my advice, but it may encourage others to express themselves.

Our world is changing, and although we hope for the better, signs indicate that we are presently going through the worse. Old values have been replaced by speed, technology and money. Values such as respect, politeness, belief, charity have been replaced by financial values only.

I wanted to suggest some ideas which could benefit the other 7.5bn people.

I suggest to create a panel representing all countries of the world and receiving the power to arrest some leaders who are committing acts and encouraging thoughts like the withdrawal from the climate accords, or the stubbornness to remain in power as is the case in Venezuela, Syria, or in Algeria, where majority of the population suffer, judged for crimes against humanity, or in North Korea where people are scared about the immaturity of its leadership.

A second proposal would be to terminate the veto power in the United Nations. At its creation, those having veto power were the most powerful nations, but today why should Indonesia or Brazil not have veto rights? The old superpowers are not the big guys anymore and this artificial power given to them is the source of so many conflicts today.

Terror is brought in our world through games, films etc, and the younger generation believes that it is real. Those video games and movies should not be allowed to be sold or transmitted. We are creating monsters who will be certain that the world depicted to them is real.

We should create a real World Bank where all countries should contribute, so that poverty and famine are definitely eradicated from this world. Those who cannot put money should be able to contribute through goods, ideas, or any other method, but not for free.

An understanding between the leaders of the religions should be made to avoid using religion as means of attacking others. No religion in the world advocates racism and it should be condemned by all religion leaders.

Our planet needs new ideas, not to kill others but to live intelligently and happily together on Earth. Education should be a priority in all countries, so that fundamentalism is abolished. Reviving old values and making people proud of what we are should be the motto of all leaders of today and tomorrow. We all come and go one day. What remains of us is our achievements. Let us make ourselves proud of the world we are leaving to the next generation, and life on this Earth would become paradise.

Don’t worry there are 7,499,999,999 other people in this world and the chances of somebody following my advice is extremely and unbelievably small. But think of it, it could help, maybe one day.

A citizen of planet Earth

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