Fashion Isn't Frivolous

You’re considered silly if you’re interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still appreciate beauty.

 I’m starting with this after my long return because of something I overheard this week. It goes without saying that I love fashion and attention to appearance although not vital, is essential in my book.

We are women after all and it’s definitely a plus that we have all these options at our fingertips. It appears that some think it is demeaning. That we should all look like we have been dragged through a hedge backwards to signify that we have a brain.

Luckily, I’m not allowed to swear in print. I am friends with some of the most successful women out there in the world and trust me they dress to magazine standards.

I’m also certain that had they been total fashion slobs then they would not have reached such high-profile positions. Attention to detail is key. Call them frivolous. I would like to watch. What is silly is slavery and obsession to “hot lists” and “need lists” and trolling site after site for what’s new.

This is definitely for the empty-headed with too much time on their hands. As in everything in life, we need to be careful not to adapt anyone else’s habits. This is definitely true of appearance.

I know someone who used to always look nice, but since hanging out with someone who has zero interest in anything that resembles attractive, her own sense has disappeared down the drain.

I was hoping the effect would have been reversed. Sadly not. So if you can’t upgrade for Fendi’s sake, don’t downgrade!!! Tom Ford, who is undoubtedly a fashion genius put it best: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” Don’t be rude.

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