A nation as one

If there’s something in life that I am certain of, it is that there is always more than one voice in any debate.

It is this knowledge that makes it necessary that all voices come forward and make for a fuller argument and a healthy decision.

Life is not always black and white. And thank goodness for that, otherwise how boring would it be? One person’s interpretation of something may not be another’s interpretation of the same and in fact, probably will not be. So when passing judgement or trying to take a decision, one has to consider everyone’s opinion and perspective. That is doubly important when it is a decision that involves a large number of people such as a nation.

We must constantly evolve by learning from others, growing, questioning and listening with an open mind. This makes for a healthy and a balanced existence. We need reasonable solutions. Those who believe that they are ‘well informed’ enough to make a decision on behalf of others, based solely on their own opinions and beliefs, are not fulfilling the duty they were chosen to do.

We need respectful communication, reasoned thought and more importantly a common goal of benefiting, not hindering the growth and well being of the majority. A mistake made by many people with conviction is that they will let nothing get in the way of their views, even if it is at the expense of generations to come.

Mindset is a double-edged sword. The determination it can bring is a vital ingredient to success, but limiting being open to many possibilities due to stubborn refusal to acknowledge new and different paths will stagnate all advancement.

Whether it is in marriage, in work, in friendship or even in governance of people, by having and above all, hearing all voices, we can achieve what is essential, a reasonable and fair decision which shows respect for others’ tastes and the individual’s choice of lifestyle. We cannot tell people how to be, how to feel or how to live.

However, make no mistake, the onus and the burden now ladies and gentlemen, lies with all of us. We must not allow one voice to dominate the debate. If we do and shy away from our responsibility to add our voice and come forward, then we are as much supporters and authors of that decision as those that make it.

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