A Trend to Flash

I've been noticing a trend recently and it's not a particularly good one. I think it's based on the keeping up with the Joneses' life manual. What is it?

 It's this overriding need to buy the most expensive handbag you can while still dressing in the most basic of clothes out there. Showing people that you have the latest and most expensive handbag. It's just that – showing. And I'm not a fan.

Buying a nice handbag is great, but I for one would never just buy a super expensive handbag if I could not afford to buy nice clothes. After all they adorn our body and make us look and feel good. When I see a woman dressed head to toe in high street, but carrying a Chanel Croc I'm so unimpressed. Sure you can mix and match, but I'm wondering what else was sacrificed to buy that bag. We discussed this earlier and someone brought up longevity.

These days a great wardrobe outlasts any new bag trend. I have to quote an example which I saw recently. This lady has well in the double digits of Hermes bags and many of those are crocodile. Yet, she said she would not buy a beautiful dress that was RO500 citing it was expensive. To say that I and my friend, who also saw this, nearly choked is an understatement. A bag costing RO40,000 is good value but not a dress for a pittance of that?

As it's tennis season I can quote John McEnroe: "You cannot be serious!" It begs the question. Who are you shopping for and why are you shopping? Don't tell me it's because you want the best, because that would mean you want it across the board, not just to impress people you meet by flashing a bag. A bag does not define you, neither does it give you style. Sure, some women may have bag envy but it's fleeting. You want to be remembered not just noticed. Your essence and style and being well-dressed will far outweigh that bag that is supposedly so hard to get but everyone I know has!

Buy a great bag but not if you don't get the basics in designer standards. No one is saying you have to wear Chanel. But if you're carrying a B then your trousers and shoes need to also be of a certain standard. If it's not, it's equivalent to having a gorgeous front door to your home but living in a mess. Buy better and for yourself, not simply for what you want others to see. Quality in everything please ladies. Trust me, it's so worth it.

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