Three Omanis named in AHF committees

In what seems to be an acknowledgement of the growing role of Oman Hockey Association (OHA) and its members in the development of the game in the region, the Asian Hockey Federation (AHF) has nominated three OHA officials into the continental committees.

OHA, under the chairmanship of Talib al Wahaibi, has been playing a active role in the promotion of the game for the past many years and over the last couple of years, Oman has played host to major AHF events – be it the AHF Congress or the Asian Champions Trophy or the Asian Games qualifiers.

The AHF, delighted by the overall support of the OHA, has now rewarded three senior officials with key positions.

According to officials at the office of the AHF CEO, Tayyab Ikram, OHA general secretary Khamis al Rahbi has been appointed as chairman of the AHF international relations committee-Gulf region and also made a member of the AHF events committee.

OHA board member Anwar Bait Fadhil has been appointed chairman of the AHF development and engagement committee-Gulf region, while another OHA board member, Salim al Qartoubi, was appointed as deputy chairman of the AHF development and engagement committee-Gulf region.

Speaking to Muscat Daily after the appointments were announced, a senior AHF official said, “These appointments have been made on the basis of their dedication and devotion towards the game as well as relevant qualifications and experience in the field.

“The trio will be working closely with the AHF for the betterment of the sport of hockey in the Gulf region.”

The top official added, “The first and foremost task of the committee will be to establish long-term future plans in line with AHF strategy and to provide annual targets.

“The plans should be in congruence with the goals set by the AHF executive board and should primarily be aimed for growth of hockey in the Gulf region. With these appointments, we hope to have enhanced communication and relations with partners and stakeholders in the region.”

In his remarks to Muscat Daily, Rahbi said, “I am proud to be named in the AHF committee, and along with my fellow Omani brothers, I hope to make a significant contribution to the growth of the game in the Gulf region.”

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