Result of endless work, planning, says Sulaiman al Mazroui

Sulaiman al Mazroui

Having been a member of the Fanja coaching staff for the past couple of years, coach Sulaiman al Mazroui was delighted to have played a key role in steering the team to a record ninth domestic league title on Sunday.

Speaking to Muscat Daily after the 2-0 win against Al Arouba, Mazroui said, “I am very happy today. It is a fruit of endless work and planning. I am thankful to the team management for their trust and also to the players, who came up with an impressive display when it mattered the most.”

A former Oman goalie and a regular Fanja goalkeeping coach, Mazroui was entrusted with the task earlier this month to lead the team through the last few rounds of the OPL. Mazroui said he relished leading a 'good bunch of players' as 'I knew what they needed to give their best'.

“I have been with the players for a long time and this helped me share a better understanding with them. It worked well for us,” he said.

On the match against Al Suwaiq, Mazroui pointed out that an injury to Suwaiq's experienced defender Mohammed Sheeba in the first quarter of the match turned the game in Fanja's favour.

“The injury to Sheeba did give us an advantage, and soon, Mohammed [al Mussallami] came up with a beautiful goal. It turned the scales in our favour,” said the coach.

With the team comprising six international players, Fanja's experience came in handy. “The season has had instances of a couple of coaches getting hired and fired. It is a problem that is affecting the clubs in Oman. As new coaches come, they bring in their own style of play. The players suffer and I have experience it in my team, too.

“I strongly believe the clubs should give a longer run to coaches if they wish to succeed. For me, I am happy to continue my primary duty as a goalkeeping coach. I am still not ready to take up responsibilities of a full-time coach,” said Mazroui.

For the club's experienced striker, Imad al Hosni, it was his maiden title in Oman, having been part of the Al Nassr team that won the Saudi Arabian league in 2013-2014.

The player said, “It is great to be part of an OPL-winning team as this is my first title at home. I am really happy.”

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