A deserving victory: Muhanna Said al Adawi

Oman’s interim coach, Muhanna Said al Adawi, was hardly aware that his team had shattered a record in the course of the 14-0 win against Bhutan on Tuesday. 

He learnt it only at the post-match press meet. “It was a deserving win and our players dominated all through. I am very happy and so are the players,” Adawi said.

The coach, who had led Oman to its maiden Military World Cup title in January, added another feather in his cap with Tuesday's record rout.

“I didn't have the record in my mind. This win will definitely boost the confidence of the team ahead of our other Group D matches, against Palestine and Maldives,” he said. “I never thought that we would score so many goals, but the players did well as such margins come in handy during qualifiers.” Abdulaziz al Miqbali, who slammed in six goals, said he was happy that Oman could win easily.

“It was a team effort, irrespective of my goals, and I am looking ahead to the next qualifier against Palestine in Palestine,” he said.

Harsh way to learn, rues Bhutan coach

Bhutan’s German coach Torsten Spittler, who was visibly a dejected man, said that his boys ‘learnt a harsh lesson’.

Spittler said, “It is nice for my boys to gain experience against such strong teams like Oman as they are not used to playing against big sides. But the margin of defeat is huge and it is a harsh way to learn and gain experience.”

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