Word on the street: Shopping for vegetables and fruits

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat.

Did you find fruits and vegetables prices going up with the start of Ramadan?



Pooja Banghera, Marketing executive

Yes, the prices of fruits shot up with the start of Ramadan. I don’t blame the vendors because this is the time for them to earn more profits.



Fizza Utba, Homemaker

The prices of fruits and vegetables have gone up since the beginning of the month. When I asked the staff at some hypermarkets, they said it was mainly due to the shortage of supplies.



Nida Saghir, Private sector employee

Fruits and vegetables prices have been high since the beginning of Ramadan. This is probably due to soaring temperatures as most of these items rot easily.



Novera Asif, Teacher

Prices of fruits and vegetables are higher during Ramadan this year. Fruit-sellers attribute the price rise to heat which has affected the produce.



Mary Lizbeth, Nurse

Prices have risen. Usually most supermarkets and hypermarkets come up up with great offers and discounts during Ramadan, especially on imported fruits like peaches and berries. But this year, I hardly saw any.



Do you think better mechanism should be in place to see there is no shortage of fruits and vegetables  specially during Ramadan?



Biplab Nanda Hota, Engineer

Government agencies in Oman are working hard to ensure regular supplies. Media organisations are also highlighting the issue. Preparations for extra supplies in Ramadan start months in advance. The imports this year are getting affected probably due to strict monitoring of supplies coming from the UAE.



P P Cherian, Retired private sector employee

Probably, this is for the first time in years that we are seeing some shortage of fruits and vegetables in the market. The government I am sure is working to address the issue.



Sultan Salem Alyahyai, IT manager

 The shortage is being felt more in the villages. Oman is dependent on imports for a majority of agricultural products. And, there are enough mechanisms in place all round the year to ensure regular supply of fruits and vegetables. The government should have been better prepared considering that consumption of fruits increases during Ramadan.



Hameeda Mohammed al Balushi, Senior executive

The shortage this year is an aberration and it coincided with Ramadan when consumption of food items increases. The authorities are working hard to ensure smooth supplies.



Abdul Javed Khan, Software team leader

I don’t think Oman needs better mechanism to monitor import of food items. Supplies are regular throughout the year. I haven’t seen any shortage so far.



Ateeq ul Rehman, Businessman

The government agencies work months in advance to ensure uninterrupted supplies during Ramadan. I have never seen any kind of shortage of fruits and vegetables in any market so far.

Do you think quality is an issue when it comes to local fruits & vegetables? Or do you find it at par with those sourced from outside?



Hassan Abdullah, Private sector employee

The quality of Omani fruits and vegetables is not below standards when compared to the imported ones. Rather, Omani products are competitively priced, which make them more appealing.



Yousef al Balushi, Computer programmer

It is difficult for a customer to determine how good an agricultural product is. However, I feel imported goods are better as they will not be allowed unless they go through some quality checks.



Farouk Ahmed, Salesman

The quality of Omani fruits and vegetables is better than the imported ones. A lot of Omani farmers export their fruits and vegetables to countries such as Japan and even to some Gulf countries, which proves that the quality of these products are no less.



Mustafa Ismael, Teacher

Omani vegetables and fruits can compete with the imported ones not just in terms of prices but quality too. Items such as watermelon, cantaloupe and carrots are even exported.



Ali al Mutairi, Teacher

Quality of all products sold in Oman are good. Authorities in Oman are quite strict when it comes to ensuring quality of food products.



Marhoon al Saidi, Manager

Omani vegetables and fruits are of good quality and hence also exported. I am sure our products are better than the imported ones.

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