Word on the street: Littering in public places

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Do you think people litter because there are few waste bins around or is it just sheer laziness?

Shadab Khan

The authorities have placed bins even in remote areas wherever possible. I think it is more about how deeply people feel about conserving the environment. If they care enough, all they have to do is simply either put trash in their vehicles that can be disposed off later, if a bin is not around.

Arif al Balushi
Relationship manager

Bins can’t be placed every few metres across the city or the country. People should have enough awareness to know this and act accordingly by throwing it only in trash cans. It is more to do with concern for environment and being a responsible citizen.

B C Pasha
Project manager

The management of garbage lies on the shoulders of the municipality. Residents face problems of insufficient litter bins especially near multi-storied buildings. This also often attracts cats, dogs and rodents. These animals drag waste on to the streets spreading filth around.

Isa Hashem
Senior executive manager

Lack of awareness is a key factor. Littering in public places is more a matter of culture than laziness. Cleanliness is a habit that needs to be inculcated since childhood.

Sushma Sequeira

Nowadays, people are quite lazy and don’t bother looking around for litter bins. For some, it is a habit too. We need to understand the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. The concerned authorities must create awareness drives and impose fines on violators.

Marhoon al Saeedi
Private sector employee

We need awareness campaigns urging people not to dump waste in public areas even if there are no bins around.

How serious is the problem during holiday breaks when large number of people venture out?

Misbaul Haque

Littering is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. Oman is a beautiful country but during the holidays plastic and food waste thrown around is an eyesore.

Mohammed Alam
General manager

Littering is a huge problem. This is due to lack of sufficient dustbins in and around popular tourist places. It also shows people’s insensitivity to environment.

Bader al Harthy

It is a big problem. During the weekend, I saw big boxes of food and cans strewn at many places. This practice makes our beaches and parks look dirty. I saw some people also throwing bottles in the sea at the corniche. This is a serious issue and offenders must be fined.

Samita Roy
Private sector employee

Littering is a major issue during holiday breaks and also weekends. I saw many people leaving behind trash on the beaches and parks during this long weekend.

Rachna Chettri
Hospitality sector

It is frustrating to see huge quantity of trash on beaches or other open areas during holidays. There are ample trash bins across the country. Littering is a matter of habit.

Akash Sharma

Municipal workers are seen cleaning roads, beaches and parks every day. Holidays mean these people have to work extra as people lack basic etiquettes to dump garbage in bins.

Should the authorities consider special anti-littering squads to fine and punish offenders like in Singapore and Hong Kong?

Feby P Mathews
Mechanical engineer

No, it will not help in curbing such a habit. Authorities should take initiatives to introduce punishments such as making the person who litters to clean the place. It is not necessary that what has worked for other countries will work in this country too.

Sibghat Masood Mirza
Graphic designer

Fines and punishments will not help much. Singapore and Hong Kong may have been successful in correcting littering habits through fines and other punishments but it may not be successful in Oman. Anti-littering posters should be stuck at all places. Children should be educated about it in schools. Anti-littering squads can spread awareness on the issue.

Emad Taqi Ali al Lawati
Informatics specialist

Yes, there should be fines and punishments for littering. If you are into the habit of littering, it reflects how much your house will be clean. If you care for the cleanliness of your house then you will make all efforts to keep public places clean too.

Muhammed Alfaz
Medical insurance executive

It would be a good way to get rid of the problem instantly. Unfortunately, sometimes the threat of fines is the best way to get people’s attention.

Taha Habib Juma al Zadjali
Senior executive

Oman is a large country and so authorities will have to hire thousands to form an anti-littering squad. With all the media attention on this issue, and thanks to awareness among the younger generation, littering will be less of a problem in future.

Ibtisam Mohamed al Balushi
Insurance executive

Yes, a special anti-littering squad is a good idea but as far as I know, there are fines on littering in place already. I think all concerned branches of the government from the Ministry of Education to the ROP have been doing a good job as far as awareness campaigns are concerned.

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