Word on the street: Improving public amenities

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

How do you rate the standard of public amenities in the country? What can be done to improve them?

Ibrahim Alhadie

Ibrahim Alhadie

Subscription manager

It is good at many places but some need more attention. Municipalities do their job well, but the public misuses them. Early morning when you go the beach it is quite clean, but it is full of litter as the day ends. More awareness should be spread among public regarding the importance of maintaining public property.

Adel Humaid

Adel Humaid Salim al Hashmi

Media section head

Be it public toilets or parking lots, the standard of cleanliness depends on how people use them. The authorities do their job well. But people need to be made aware of using public property responsibly. Leaving taps on in public toilets, leaving your vehicle parked for days together in public spaces are some practices that must be avoided. Parents need to teach their children not to damage rides in play areas.

Reena Krishnappa

Reena Krishnappa


The standard is good. It is well-maintained. Municipality must introduce billboards warning public against damage to property and about the fines that can be imposed.


Agnes W


The standard of public amenities is not bad in Oman. However, there is always scope for improvement. Authorities should set up more public washrooms in various tourist destinations.


Aditya Raj

IT sector

 I have visited many countries and I must say that Oman’s standard of public amenities is definitely praiseworthy. The municipal authorities leave no stone unturned to keep the country clean and green. It is the people who often dirty beaches and parks. Imposing fines is a good way to curb this.



Rupali Adya

Private sector employee

The standard is definitely good, and I am very happy with the facilities in Oman. However, there is room for improvement which I am sure will be taken care of in future.

Do you think that beaches in Oman need more facilities to make them visitor-friendly? What do they lack?


Ahmed Abdel fattah

Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Accounts manager

Beaches in Oman are very beautiful, but they definitely need more public service facilities and signboards that can guide visitors. Public should be warned against barbecuing near beaches as this adds to littering.


Parjit Singh Bhatia

Parjit Singh Bhatia

Private sector employee

Oman has some of the most serene beaches in the world and they are quite well-maintained. The only thing missing is the presence of lifeguards. At many places I have seen people venturing out in the open sea without guidance or support.

Safa eysa

Safa Eysa


Yes, the sultanate needs more facilities for its beaches that attract tourists from across the world. Authorities should set up more toilets, shower areas, put more chairs and cabins where families can enjoy.

Ahmed al balushi

Ahmed al Balushi

Auto sector employee

Sultanate’s beaches are beautiful but they lack basic public amenities like toilets and changing rooms. Besides, we need more cafés and restaurants in these areas to attract more visitors. Currently, there are only a handful of beaches where you can grab something to eat.


Mohd Gafoor

Mohammed Gafoor

Private sector employee

There are so many beaches in the country, so all cannot be developed. However, at least the beaches in Muscat should be developed with proper shaded areas and other facilities like showers and toilets as they get the maximum number of visitors.


Mohd Rafi

Mohammed Rafi


 Beaches in Oman provide the best outing today as the country lacks good recreational options like theme parks. A beach experience can be enhanced further if public is provided with basic amenities like toilets, shower areas and even play areas for children.

Is there a need for more public toilets? Where do you think they are most needed ?


Arif Khan Tutul

Arif Khan Tutul


Public toilets are a necessity in several areas in Muscat. Parks and public places either have none or too few.


Nezam Uddin

Nezam Uddin


There are ample public toilets and they are well-maintained as well. Also, places like Muscat have a lot of malls that can be used by people whenever needed. Tourist sites in the interiors definitely need more public toilets and other facilities.


Tamanna Sharmin

Tamanna Sharmin


There is definitely a need for more public toilets in Oman especially in parks and other such recreational spots. Such places are frequented by families and so need more facilities.



Ziad Sawaya

Branch manager

More clean public toilets are always welcome. A good model to follow would be that of temporary toilets set up by the authorities in Salalah during the khareef season. There is staff to clean after every use.

Faras Hamed Nasser Al Hosni

Faras Hamed Nasser al Hosni


It is sometimes difficult to find toilets in Oman. Currently, one has to use toilets at petrol stations when travelling to the interiors. Only a few of them are maintained.


Ammar Said MarhoonAl Battash

Ammar al Battashi


It would be nice to have more clean toilets managed by the municipality. People wouldn’t mind paying if they are provided clean toilets throughout the country.

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