Word on the street: Conserving environment

Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

Do you think we need more events such as Earth Hour to encourage people to save energy? What else can be done?

Shafik Alaaeddine, General manager

We need to spread more awareness regarding the impact of global warming. People need to understand the importance of saving water and fuel as well as undertake green initiatives.

Safa Eysa, Doctor

People should realise the importance of conserving energy. It is also equally important to switch to renewable resources such as solar energy which will help the environment.

Ibrahim al Balushi, Private sector employee

Yes, we need more events such as the Earth Hour to encourage people to save energy. It is also important to conduct such campaigns in schools and universities so that we can promote this among students. I hope such campaigns continue throughout the year.

Junaid Hashmi, Manager

Over the years, Earth Hour has got a lot of positive feedback from the people. Saving energy for just one hour on a given day is not much, but the awareness it creates about conserving environment is exceptional. If we have such events every few months then spreading of awareness will be faster.

Farooq Ahmed, Businessman

Earth Hour is a good initiative to spread awareness on environment issues but we definitely need more such events to reach a wider audience. We must organise more programmes where relevant information on saving our planet Earth is disseminated and discussed.

Ahmad al Asaker, Salesperson

A lot of corporates show their commitment towards energy conservation by marking Earth Hour. However, they should go beyond one hour and one day to show their commitment to the cause. Also, wider public needs to be educated about environment conservation with more events.


Do you think energy conservation matters? If so, in what ways do you conserve energy?

Surekha K, Homemaker

Energy conservation matters a lot. If you are not even bothered about the environment, at least you will be bothered about the bills which you pay. There are various ways to conserve energy. When I leave home, I ensure that all lights and fans are switched off. If the weather is pleasant enough I prefer to keep the AC off.

Anisha Raghuchandra, Writer

It does matter. I use low watt bulbs and have got the walls of my room satin painted so that more light is reflected. I keep my window shades open during the day and close only at night so that maximum daylight enters the rooms. I check for dust on the lights in my house to prevent blocking light. The list is endless.

Dharmesh Pai, Senior manager

I prefer to switch off my computer than use the screen saver. I use the stairs more than elevators. I ensure that laptops and mobile phone chargers are not plugged in once charged. There are plenty of ways to conserve energy, whether at home or outside.

Badri Narayanan Rishi Kesan, Supervisor

Yes, it matters. I am cautious about electricity and water consumption. I am aware that water conservation is important in Oman as it takes energy to desalinate the water we use. I take little steps such as turning off the light when I am leaving a room and use water judiciously.

Muhanad Khalfan Issa al Tubi, Executive

It matters. We now have access to technology such as solar, insulation, double-glazing and energy saving air conditioners. These extra measures will allow us to build energy efficient homes. Citizens should do extensive research about energy conservation before building homes.

Faisal Hamed al Rashdi, Senior executive

 Energy conservation matters and it has been ingrained in all of us from a young age. Like everyone, I try to minimise my consumption of water and other energy sources whether at home or office. What is encouraging is how even the new generation is aware and willing to do their best to improve things.


In what ways can parents or schools inculcate the sense of environment conservation in children?

Abdullah al Mamun, Businessman

Parents and teachers are the best people who can inculcate the habit of environment conservation among children. The best way is to lead by example. For example, switching off lights, air conditioners when not needed and turning off water taps are some small steps that can be made a habit and a way of life.

Haider Muhammed Tofail, Private sector employee

The best way is to take children to parks, beaches or mountains whenever possible so that they can connect with nature and realise how important it is for our survival.

Abu Yousuf, Chairman

Engaging children in some sports and social work will help them understand aspects of preserving nature. Regular school excursions, adventure trips and treks will only help children establish a strong bond with environment.

Rohit Shankar, Teacher

 It has to start at home. Educate and practice, that is the only way to inculcate good practices among children. A child grows up seeing things at home and behaves accordingly. The responsibility of conserving the environment does not lie with just one particular person or organisation but with each one of us.

Bobby Hegde, Private sector employee

 It should be taught to all children from primary to middle class as a core subject. There should be awards and recognition for children who show good work in this field. The idea can be instilled in them through stories and pictures as well.

Ayaan K, Businessman

The three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) should be taught to children. Education is the only way to create awareness. So start creating awareness at home.

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