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Public opinion on the streets of Muscat

How careful are you in ensuring minimal consumption of energy at workplace and home?

Fuad Hamoud


I ensure air conditioners and lights are switched off when not in use. We all should be concerned about power usage to not just save money but for a better future.

Salah Abdullah


It is difficult to reduce consumption of electricity as temperatures here soar during peak summer months. One does not have an option than to switch on the ACs which consume a lot of electricity and generate huge bills.

Ali Mabrook

Private sector employee

In summer, I know I can’t save power. But I compensate for it during the winter here when weather is pleasant. It’s just how you balance things.

Jamal Salim


I am very careful when it comes to power conservation. I usually switch off any gadget whenever not required whether at my workplace or home. This not only helps save energy but also a huge amount of money.

Said al Balushi

Government employee

It is our duty to conserve electricity and so I am careful at office and home. I also make others aware of the importance of saving energy. The government spends so much on producing power but we get it at subsidised rates. So, we need to be careful when using it.

Syed Tahir Ahmed

Accounts manager

People like us who come from developing countries know the value of electricity. We are fortunate to get uninterrupted supply of power in Oman and so we should keep our consumption to the minimum. But unfortunately, there are many people and offices where I see that power is wasted. People should realise that generating electricity is a costly affair and hence utilise it properly.

Muscat Municipality is replacing power-thirsty fluorescent street lights with LED ones. Do you think it is a good way to save energy?

Seema Pai


Yes, sodium lights consume a lot of electricity and hence are expensive. The auto-dimming LED street lights that are being installed, on the other hand, will help conserve electricity. Since, this country is blessed with so much sunlight, they could use solar energy too.

Meghna Gopan

Operations executive

Yes, it will help the municipality save a lot of money. Many people complain that these new ones are not as bright but it is not true. Once the whole city gets these LED lights, people will adjust to them and understand that they are sufficient. The authorities should also consider utilising solar power.

Suman Bhat

Private sector employee

The LED lights make the city look more beautiful. There is too much light in the city at present which causes light pollution. A lot of other countries too are opting for them. The authorities should install these lights in the service lanes too. Solar power is a good option not just for street lights but also for buildings.

Dayanand Naik

IT head

There are many ways to conserve energy in Oman. One way is solar energy. The move to do away with sodium lamps is a big step. It should have been done long back. I really like the auto-dimming street lights that are being installed by the municipality. Such steps will go a long way in conserving energy.

Chandreyee Paul

Private sector employee

It is definitely a good way to save energy. Most offices I have seen have their lights on in the evenings and nights when employees are not there. This should be stopped.

Shubh Dev

Finance sector

Yes, I have seen certain stretches on the road where fluorescent street lights have been replaced with LED lights. This is indeed a good start to save energy. There are people who leave their air conditioners on at home while they are away, so that they can come back to a cool room. These things should be stopped.

Authorities are encouraging (under Sahim initiative) solar power in residential buildings. Would you like to adopt it too?

Faizal Azeez

Head of marketing

Yes, it’s a great initiative. I believe both Omanis and expatriates will welcome this technology. It not only helps cut down on pollution and bills, but ushers in a new era of eco-friendliness in the country.

Ahmed Harith al Hinai

Head of compliance

Every family will like to adopt this. I see no downside. It will help reduce pollution, save money and the financial renumeration for the surplus electricity that goes back to the grid will be an incentive to cut consumption.

Sadiq Abdullah al Ajmi

Branch manager

It’s a win-win situation. It will allow us to save money while reducing the demand. Solar energy will also be a great help in cases of natural disasters like Gonu in 2007, when power grids collapsed.

Fahad Saif al Jamari

Underwriting officer

I think everyone should adopt solar energy. Though the investment is big, but it will pay in the long term. Also, thanks to this initiative, we can now actively participate in the government’s efforts to reduce our hydrocarbon consumption.

Rajeev Sharma

IT sector

Solar technology is the in thing across the globe. So, going for solar rooftop in residential buildings is a brilliant idea. However, for it to become a full-fledged thing will surely take time. I will do it, probably later.

Sanjeev Joshi


I would not mind switching to solar energy. But I would like to wait for a while before adopting this technology at home.

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