Letters to the editor: Not only Kashmiris who need change

The media in India and overseas are flooded with reports on India’s surprise move to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution. There has been confusing arguments of public, politicians and media personnel justifying their stands; however, if the people of Kashmir welcome the government’s decision to give Kashmir the privileges that the other states and union territories in the country enjoy, it is quite unfortunate to see such a hue and cry.

Several facts have now been revealed to public on the status of Kashmir and how it is positioned within the Indian framework. If Kashmir is an integral part of India, why should the state have a separate flag? Why can’t people in the other states buy land there? Why the infrastructure development in the state doesn’t seem to be on par with other parts of the country? Why don’t the youth in the state get proper education?

And now if the federal government wants to treat all Indians equally, irrespective of their caste, religion and territory, why not wait for some time to see a different future for not only Kashmiris, but also for all Indians?

If the revoking of Article 370 of the Constitution helps stop the suffering of the people of Kashmir, why not welcome this move.

Ramachandran Nair

Via email

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