Letters to the Editor

India’s fall on GDI

A recent report indicated India, the world’s largest democracy, falling to 42nd place on Global Democracy Index (GDI).

It was also a strange observation that countries like Singapore and Japan categorised as ‘flawed democracies’ in the report. The drop in the ranking could be considered as a failure on the part of administrations in keeping their promises up to the expectations and align with the current life perceptions. While there could be many reasons for this drop, the surge in communal violence and ill-treating minorities cannot be overlooked in the context of ethical democratic principles.

In several instances, on a global level, elected administrations have been constantly seen failing in controlling the mass who are taking advantage of slow legal proceedings and subsequent actions.

It is quite unfortunate that politicians and responsible administrative apparatus continue to ignore their prime responsibilities, as a result the uncertainty is echoing in the society throughout. Since India has a matured democratic system in place, it is the obligation of every elected member to maintain its dignity and pass it onto the society, particularly to inspire the youth for moulding better life circumstances.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email

O’Taxi returns and cloud

The article by Riyadh Abdul Aziz [Muscat Daily, March 6, page 4] mentions that ‘Oman does not have data centres capable of providing the standard of service required by such major apps’.

I would like to advise that Oman has such data centres with world standard qualities at Cloud Acropolis (www.cloudacropolis.com). As your Omani cloud provider, we are already hosting local and international customers.

Abdulla al Rawahy
Via email

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