Letter to the Editor: Mediterranean tragedy continues

This refers to the tragic incident about the capsizing of a boat that was carrying migrants off the Libyan coast killing many. 

The situation is quite pathetic for refugees from countries hit by civilian unrest. This has been an issue of concern for the world since a long time. There have been several migrant boat tragedies, yet there is no end to them.

The incident has been termed as the ‘worst Mediterranean tragedy’ but unfortunately no one takes responsibility for the ‘killings’ of civilians and no law prevails to prevent them from being ‘massacred’. Despite the occurrence of such tragedies people continue their attempt to relocate for survival.

The efforts of aid agencies cannot be overlooked but they need the support of developed countries and organisations in their endless struggle to save precious lives.

A strong mechanism to protect the interests of migrants is the need of the hour and the world must stand up with the European Union to avert such disasters in future.

Ramachandran Nair
Via email

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