Letter to the Editor: Darjeeling and its natural beauty

As I stood on my terrace, feeling the warmth of the morning sunshine, allowing the cool breeze to touch my skin and gazing at the beautiful surrounding mountains, I recollected The Daily Mood which took us all the way to Darjeeling. I have not been there, but the visuals of Kanchenjunga range, toy trains and other attractions of that place were just floating before my eyes.

It’s true urbanisation is surging to reach its peak, of course to a certain extent harming nature, yet there are hundred thousand reasons why we still love nature and don’t miss any opportunity given to enjoy its beauty. We owe our very life to the five elements of nature, so how can we isolate ourselves from it?

The upcoming concrete jungles are all part of this passing phase, which we have to witness. Yet, if you really love nature and would want to feel its soothing comforts, then no matter how many walls are erected between you and nature, the universe will help you enjoy nature. And you can experience natural beauty at its best.

We are part of nature; we too are a creation of nature. Perhaps, that’s what attracts us to nature, even though we struggle to survive in our concrete jungles. It’s all how we perceive life. If it is a challenge for you to overcome to achieve, achieve and only achieve, then it’s a lifelong struggle for you only to achieve. If life is for you to enjoy every moment, you do enjoy and there is nothing more beautiful in this universe to enjoy than the Mother Nature.

Anitha Suresh

Via e-mail

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