Writer hails change in attitude towards reading

Radhika Punshi

Muscat - 

Indian writer Radhika Punshi believes that book fairs help more people get interested in reading.

“I feel there should be more number of book fairs to get people interested in reading. There should also be competitions in short story writing and other activities,” said the Dubai-based writer.

Radhika was recently in Oman for a book signing event at the Muscat book fair.

Her book, Unlocking the Paradox of Plenty, which she co-authored with David B Jones, highlights the need for a renewed focus on nationalisation as part of efforts to engage and develop the local workforce by focusing on sustainability, skill competitiveness and employability.

Radhika, who has been writing from a young age and studied at Indian School Muscat, said that she has witnessed a remarkable change in the attitude of people towards reading in Oman.

She says the crowd at the fair this year was very encouraging. “I noticed that many children at the fair were buying books. I would say that the attitude of the youth here has changed. They want to experiment and prove their worth.”

Radhika’s book covers issues concerning growth and addresses dilemmas faced by the region which is now at a crucial juncture of evolution.

Based on the precept that there is a limited window of opportunity to harness the region’s demographic potential, the book highlights the unique nature of the labour market and moves away from common stereotypes and popular beliefs. “We tried to touch upon key issues of opportunities and issues faced by governments and policy-makers, companies and individuals, such as nationalisation, greater representation of women and contribution of expatriates."

“The Arab world is full of opportunities, growth and promises for both nationals and expatriates. However, it also has some of the highest levels of unemployment among youth. We suggested a model to help companies address these problems,” she said.

Radhika is running a firm in Dubai that provides training to companies in managing human resources.

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