Workshops focus on Omani culture, value

Muscat - 

The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) organised two workshops on Culture and Values Index recently. 

The workshops were held in cooperation with the Office of Oman Vision 2040 and related entities in the country. The Culture and Values Index aims to measure community’s progress in terms of its identity, citizenship and its culture. It also aims to identify the capability of the community to document and maintain its heritage.

This index, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture also measures factors that influence the prevailing culture of Omani society, public awareness of Omani culture and values, and the impact of spreading this awareness on economy.

It also measures the level of tolerance and multiculturalism in the Omani society. The Culture and Values Index works through implementation of a statistical survey among citizens and expatriates in the sultanate. The index consists of a number of axes, such as citizens and expatriates awareness on intangible heritage like local customs, traditions, arts, crafts, and popular games practices.

It also includes external impact axes such as household, cultural and heritage expenditure axes and axis of tolerance and respect for religions, other cultures and freedom of worship.

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