Workshop on risk communication reviews sultanate’s preparedness

Muscat - 

A Risk Communication workshop, organised by the Ministry of Health (MoH) began on Wednesday at Hotel Muscat Holiday. MoH was represented by the Directorate General of Diseases Surveillance and Control in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO). 

WHO considers risk communication as an essential part of country’s preparedness for the risks. The WHO works with the countries through the National Health Preparedness Program and the International Health Regulations by issuing the required guidance for risk communication and technical support via organising joint workshops with health ministries of those countries.

Organising this training workshop aimed to raise the efficiency of national risk communication and the ability to involve the community members, and focusing on the potential public health risks that may pose a threat at the national and regional levels.

The two-day workshop also aims to review the principles, technologies and tools of risk communication, as well as contributing in planning with several sectors to improve and practice the risk communication and community participation to tackle the spread of diseases.

Medical staff specialised in communicable diseases, education and community initiatives, media, MoH contact centre along with representatives from the health services directorates and international experts are participating in the workshop.

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