Walk from Sifah to Al Hail to spread the message of water conservation

Muscat - 

Two citizens are walking from Sifah to Al Hail to spread the message on water conservation across the country. Hilmi al Kindi and Nawaf al Sulaimani are known for undertaking gruelling walking challenges to raise awareness on social causes.

The duo began the walk from Sifah on Sunday and hope to reach Al Hail on Tuesday.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Kindi said, “We started at around 10am. Our plan is to reach Qantab beach by the end of the day. From there, we will head to Bausher the following day. On the third day, we will walk from Bausher to Al Hail.”

Kindi, who works at the Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC), said this year’s focus is on wastewater. “We want to highlight the important link between water and wastewater in search for sustainable solutions. Water is life. We cannot survive without water. People need to know the importance of saving water. Our walk will hopefully make a difference to the cause.”

Both Kindi and Sulaimani have participated in several walks to raise awareness regarding different causes.

“This walk is different from other walks because the message is about water conservation. As far as I am concerned, water is more important than oil. We need to conserve this precious resource. Right now, everyone is talking about oil but one day, we will look for water like the way we are doing for oil,” Sulaimani said while taking a break from Sunday’s walk.

On why they chose to walk from Sifah to Al Hail and the challenges they are facing, Kindi said, “We chose the stretch as there is a Jebel Sifah wastewater treatment plant in Sifah and MEDRC has its headquarters in Al Hail. As for challenges, the terrain is a bit rough and hilly.”

“In keeping with the mission to find solutions to water scarcity, we will organise several activities at our headquarters in Al Hail on Wednesday. The day will see a series of presentations by experts on the subject as well as an art competition for children. Winners will be honoured on the day,” Perla Abi Farah, marketing and communications manager, MEDRC, said.

Oman will mark World Water Day on March 22.

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