Wadis flooded after heavy rains in Oman, two children drown in Ibri

Wadis flooded after heavy rains in Oman (ONA)

Muscat - 

Scattered showers fell in Muscat and other parts of Oman on Tuesday as the recent turbulent weather, caused by a low pressure system, continued to make its way across the country. 

The rain, which ranged from light showers to heavy downpours, resulted in some wadis being flooded, according to an official statement. Other areas in the sultanate which also witnessed rains were the governorates North Sharqiyah, Buraimi, Dhahirah, Batinah and Dakhliyah.

The wilayat of Bani Khalid in North Sharqiyah recorded the highest rainfall with approximately 50mm, according to the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources. The area also experienced high winds and hailstorms.

According to an official statement, two children aged 14 and 16 died in the Wilayat of Ibri while trying to cross a wadi, although the circumstances of their death were not clear.  An Indian national who went missing in South Batinah has been found by local residents.

The statement added that ROP helicopters were continuing search and rescue operations for those caught up in the floods.

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