‘Vehicle tracking devices helped reduce accidents’

Muscat - 

The In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) deployed by Muscat Municipality has not only helped reduce the distance driven but also lowered the number of road accidents in its fleet. Aimed at improving traffic safety and minimising expenditure, the Muscat Municipality’s vehicle tracking system is now almost fully deployed. In the third phase, the municipality has installed the tracking system in 294 heavy and 109 light vehicles.

The tracking system allows thorough fleet movement management and ensures better driver assessment.

The municipality stated, ‘The vehicle tracking system has offered great results for the Muscat Municipality. The system, which relies on a GPRS network interface, monitors vehicles’ exact location, destination and time duration, and transmits such details immediately to the monitoring specialists.’

It added that since its inauguration in 2014, the system has saved about 800,000km, and the distance covered continues to reduce year after year.

‘The device also guaranteed lower accidents in all vehicles equipped with this system, which is confirmed by the data registered in the records of the Directorate General of Transport for the years (2014-September 2018).’

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