Urge and passion to love your work is what drives results, says lifestyle coach Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das ( Muscat Daily)

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Birth and death can never be under our control and as human beings we cannot choose our parents, said international lifestyle coach Gaur Gopal Das who was in Muscat on Sunday evening. Neither, it is guaranteed that a 30 year old will live longer, he added.

Addressing a packed audience of more than 300 people from corporate world at Sheraton Oman Hotel on Sunday, Das gave tips on achieving success in professional life. “It’s the choices we make during troubled times which differentiate successful people from the unsuccessful ones. These choices can at times surpass even well-planned strategies or business presentations for better results.”

That's how Das explained the BCD (Birth-Choice-Death) policy of life.

Das is an electrical engineer, having completed his education from one of the leading colleges in India. After a brief stint with HP, he decided to become a life coach. Das has more than 165,000 Instagram followers and 1mn subscribers on YouTube.

Citing examples from Starbucks, Lehman Brothers to the unsuccessful Zune MP3 player from Microsoft, Das said, “We cannot change the basic nature of your boss or even your spouse. So, try to adopt the CAR philosophy. Try to (C)hange the changeable. If that doesn’t work out, then, (A)ccept the unchangeable and if it is a pain and burden to accept, that’s when the R comes into picture.

“Even R gives you two options. The first R is Remove. You have to leave the circumstance or the person. However, I suggest that you try another R which is Rise over the situation. There is nothing more peaceful than to rise over mortal problems.”

He compared the situation to how he was overwhelmed when he first stood outside the World Trade Center towers in New York.

The next day he happened to see them from his flight out of the city - from high above, they seemed tiny now.

Das emphasised the need to be physically and emotionally fit to enjoy and succeed in a job. “Most importantly, we need to be professionally fit more than being professionally skilled. Skills can be achieved anytime but the urge and passion to love your work is what drives results. One must be as excited when the week ends as when the week begins.”

Love your work like your spouse; you need to ignore some aspects because there is bigger love in it, he added. “Most of us are sadly caught up in jobs as Have-to-Do because it confirms our status. Whatever you love to do, do it right away. No need to worry about others because it is your life.” He said that material things don’t matter in success. “It doesn’t matter whether you have an Apple or a Samsung phone. All that matters is who are you talking to and what you are talking about. Similarly, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a Nissan or a Bentley; the destination will remain the same. Living in a two-bedroom apartment or a 25-room palace doesn’t change your equation with your spouse.”

The event was organised by Infinity Modern Projects.

Watch interview with Gaur Gopal Das at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTcvVR_XC6Y&feature=youtu.be

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