Two killed as heavy rain lashes Oman

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Two persons were killed as heavy rain lashed Oman on Sunday leading to fall in temperatures and bringing traffic to halt.

In cooperation with the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) personnel, the ROP rescued several people from houses and vehicles.

Meanwhile, Public Prosecution announced via Twitter that there will be a penalty for those who cross overflowing wadis and endanger their own lives or the lives of other passengers. The penalty is three months jail and a fine of RO500.

An ROP official said that nine persons were rescued from a flooded house in the area of Al Hilla al Janubiya in Shinas. A family of eight was rescued after their car got stuck in the rising flood waters in the area between Wadi al Ni’ma and Wadi Soor al Bulush in Shinas.

Two more persons were rescued from their vehicle in the area of Al Humaira and another three from their vehicles in a wadi in Shinas.

In the Governorate of Dakhliyah, help was provided to a number of people after their vehicles got stranded in Wadi al Uq in Samail, and another 12 people were rescued after their vehicles were swept away by the surging waters of Wadi al Shibak in Izki.

A driver was rescued after his trailer truck got stuck in Wadi Halfeen in Izki.

Three persons were rescued from Wadi al Mu’aiden in the niyabat of Birkat al Mouz after their vehicles got stuck, while a family of six was rescued in the wilayat of Bahla after their vehicle got stuck in Wadi al Mamoura.

Another family comprising three members and a driver were rescued from Wadi Bilad Sait after they were left stranded in their vehicle.

Three members of an Emirati family were rescued from another vehicle in the wilayat of Dibba in Musandam.

PACDA announced on Twitter that it received reports of a child drowning and one person getting electrocuted. “A child drowned in falaj in the Qurr area in the wilayat of Dima Wa al Taien in North Sharqiyah. An electric pole fell on a person in the Diraiz area in the wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah,” read the tweet.

Rustaq College of Higher Education announced via Twitter the collapse of a shaded structure due to heavy rain. No injuries were reported.

The Directorate General of Meteorology stated that Liwa received 111.6mm rain, followed by Jebel Akhdar (74mm), Shinas (63mm), Izki (47mm), Adam (38mm), Sohar (38mm) and Al Hamra (35mm).

In Muscat governorate, the rainfall was light to heavy in the city of Muscat, Qantab and Jebel Sifah. Some of the other areas that received rainfall were Al Khoudh, Azaiba and Qurm.

In South Batinah, the areas of Al Turaif, Al Maladda and Sawadi in Musannah received light rainfall. In the wilayat of Wadi al Ma’awel, the areas of Al Habra and Al Wasit received light rainfall. The souq and the areas of Ain al Thuwara and Al Houqain in Nakhal and Hay al Sarh, Wadi al Sahtan, Wadi Bani Ghafir, Hay al Amjad and Al Hazem in the wilayat of Rustaq also received rain.

Light rain was also registered in the wilayat of Al Awabi and Wadi Bani Ouf while the area of Al Nu’maan in the wilayat of Barka too saw rain.

In Musandam, light rain fell in the wilayat of Khasab, Al Khalidiya, the souq and Fida. Moderate rainfall was registered in the wilayat of Madha leading to the formation of streams in the areas of Al Noor, Shuhaitan, Al Ghoona, Al Qariya al Thalatha and Al Sarooj.

In the wilayat of Bukha, light rain was registered near the Dara border post.

At the same time, the wilayat of Dibba registered light rainfall in the areas of Al Diri, Al Muharraqa, Al Uq, Al Uqab, Al Maseeh, Al Sha’biyah and Lima.

In the Governorate of Dhahirah, light rain occurred in the wilayat of Ibri in the areas of Al Akhdar, Al Murtfa, Kawas, Al Iraqi, Fajj, Al Sakhaam and Al Ainain.

In Buraimi governorate, rain was registered in the wilayat of Buraimi leading to the formation of a number of streams in the areas of Al Khadra, Hamas, Al Uqda, Sa’raa, Al Ghuraifa and Saa. At the same time, the wilayat of Al Sininah witnessed moderate rainfall.

In the Governorate of Al Wusta, the wilayat of Duqm recorded heavy rain in the area of Sarab leading to the overflow of Wadi Sarab.

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ROP and PACDA personnel conducted rescue operations in several parts of the country on Sunday even as more rains are expected on Monday in Muscat, Buraimi, Dhahirah, Batinah and Dakhliyah. Meanwhile, Public Prosecution has urged people to drive safely and said that those who endanger their own lives or the lives of others by crossing overflowing wadis may be jailed for three months and fined RO500 

(Photographs: Public Prosecution and ROP)

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