Two ROP officers among five killed in hit and run accident in Al Khoudh

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In a horrifying hit and run incident, an Omani youth killed five persons including two ROP officers on Al Jamia Street in Al Khoudh in the early hours of Sunday. Two delivery men employed with a fast food chain were killed on the spot.

A co-passenger of the accused was also killed in the accident. An ROP officer who was checking the identities of the delivery men died on the spot. The accused also hit a stationary ROP patrol car with another officer. The injured officer passed away five hours later at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, a senior ROP official said, “The accused rammed his car into the victims after he was summoned to the site by police officials for a minor hit and run accident case earlier in the night.” The fast food chain employees have been identified as S A and Z A T. According to an employee of the fast food chain, a customer had called the outlet for a soft drink that was missing from his delivery order.

“S A was sent to hand over the soft drink to his colleague Z A T. The incident happened when they were both flagged down by the ROP for inspections. A speeding BMW ran over everyone at the scene.” Struggling to hold back his tears while remembering his colleagues, the employee said, “Both of them had been working in Oman for around eight years. S A, 32, was unmarried and his 35 year old colleague Z A T is survived by his wife and two young daughters.” Investigations are underway to find out the details of the accident.

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