Three Gulf nationals arrested for violating wildlife law

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Three Gulf nationals have been arrested from Ibri in Dhahirah for violating the wildlife law.

An official in the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) said, “The ROP in cooperation with MECA arrested the Gulf nationals from Tanam village in the wilayat of Ibri.”

The official said that the accused used five falcons as traps for hunting. “Guns, ammunition, a drone, nets, traps, a torchlight, floodlight, a binocular, a communication handset and other equipment have been seized. Frozen bird meat, bird sound simulators, three 4WDs, fourteen birds and two types of pigeons have been seized as well.”

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The official said that the accused have confessed to the crime. “They were referred to the judicial authorities for violating the Law on Nature Reserves and Wildlife Conservation (Royal Decree 6/2003).”

MECA calls on citizens and residents to report about such violations on its hotline 80071999 or inform the ROP on 9999.

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