Temperature in Muscat and other parts of Oman to dip after a few days: Met

Muscat - 

The temperature in Muscat and other parts of Oman will dip after a few days. Temperature increased by two degrees over two days. The phenomenon will continue for the next few days. 

An official from the meteorological department at the Public Authority for Civil Aviation said this is a normal phenomenon. “This is normal during this part of the year; however this rise will just be for a few days and then we shall again see a steady fall in temperature.”

The rise in temperature was attributed to the northeast winds blowing from Iran, Pakistan and India. “There have been some isolated rains in the coastal parts of the country and it will be frequent for some more days. Other parts of Oman too will witness the same temperature like Muscat.” He added that the end of January will also see rains after which winter will start fading.

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