Team Khanjar to hit the track at Shell Eco-marathon Asia

Kuala Lumpur - 

Team Khanjar of National University will now be the only team taking part in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia competition here as the second team Megalodon from GUtech failed to pass the mandatory technical inspection test. Last year, the team passed the test. 

Passing the technical inspection is a major milestone of the race. On Wednesday, team Khanjar took to the track but a few seconds later it faced some issues. “There was some small technical problem. But by the time it was fixed, it was already late. So, the team will go on track again on Thursday,” said Dr R Amuthakannan, assistant professor, Department of Engineering at National University and supervisor of Khanjar team.

Dr Emmanouil Bouzakis, assistant professor, Department of Engineering at GUtech and the supervisor of Megalodon team, told Muscat Daily that he was very proud of his team.

“Yesterday, till the closing of the technical inspection session, they completed seven out of 11 tests. With some minor adjustments they would have achieved even more. The technical challenge is extraordinary for the team, as they are entering a novel area of application by using hydrogen energy for mobility,” he said.

“We hoped we would be allowed to go for the rechecks on Wednesday for clearing the technical part,” Dr Bouzakis added. Iman al Maawali, Megalodon’s driver, said, “We have not lost anything. We wanted to try something new this time.”

Meanwhile, Team Khanjar was busy with last minute preparations for the race. “Even though we may not come on top of the list, just taking part in the race is a great thing,” Dr R Amuthakannan said.

Ahmed al Ghadani, Khanjar team leader said, “Come what may, we will celebrate. It is difficult to even pass the inspection test. It itself is an achievement.”

On Thursday, the top performing UrbanConcept teams will compete in the Drivers‘ World Championship Qualifier, a race to see which team can cross the finish line first without running out of their limited allocation of energy. Results will be announced on Friday after all teams put their cars to test.

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