Takaful Oman to launch first-ever Automated Insurance Machines

Muscat - 

Takaful Oman, the sultanate’s pioneer of Takaful services, will soon introduce Automated Insurance Machines (AIMs) in an innovative move. 

This customer-friendly initiative removes paperwork and makes it easy for everyone to get instant access to Travel and Motor Takaful as and when they need it. Imagine the convenience of being able to apply or renew your Takaful cover at the last minute by using the AIM nearest to you.

Takaful Oman plans to install AIMs at various malls and other popular locations across the sultanate. The new AIMs will accept credit cards of all major banks and have user-friendly Arabic and English interfaces. One just needs to carry along the mulkiya and the identity card (or the resident card in case of expats) for Motor Takaful. In case of Travel Takaful, the passport would be required in addition to the identity card.


Speaking about the launch, Sayyida Rawan Ahmed al Said, vice chairperson and managing director of Takaful Oman Insurance, said, “At Takaful Oman, our Sharia’a compliance simplifies the insurance process and makes it customer friendly. Our innovations, be it the AIMs or the previously introduced mobile app are a reflection of our efforts to be transparent and accessible to the customer at all times. These innovations are sure to make Sharia’a-compliant Islamic financial services like Takaful more accessible to ordinary people and will play a significant role in increasing the overall Takaful cover of the sultanate. Backed by our extensive broker network, innovative cost management and distribution strategy, we are confident in maintaining our dominant position in the market.”

O G Ravishankar, general manager of Takaful Oman Insurance, said, “We have managed to have a great start in Oman because of our innovation in terms of Takaful. Similarly, our decision to be the first to introduce AIMs is a reflection of our capabilities and efforts to be a future-ready, Sharia’a-compliant Takaful provider. We are poised to grow faster and maintain our momentum in the sultanate.”

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