Symposium Highlights Applications of Instructional Design in Higher Education

Muscat - 

The Instructional & Learning Technologies Department of the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University, in association with the Higher Education Leadership Academy Malaysia (AKEPT), University Utara Malaysia, University of Malaya and University Sains Malaysia, organized a symposium on Applications of Instructional Design in Higher Education at SQU today.

The symposium started with the opening remarks of Dr. Mohamed Eltahir Osman, Head of the Department of Instructional & Learning Technology at SQU. This was followed by presentations by Prof. Nurahimah Mohammed Yusoff, Prof. Abdul Malke Abdul Karim and Dr. Ahmad Helani Shaari about “Instructional Design and Strategies: A need's analysis”.  The guests from Malaysia presented the findings of their study that sought to identify the current training needs for instructional design and strategies (ISD). The study indicated that the level of involvement with IDS is limited by a lack of knowledge and practice. Hence, formal training of IDS is necessary for lecturers.

Prof. Raja Maznah Raja Haussain and Dr. Aishah Abu Baker and Dr. Osman Ghazali presented the advancements in Malaysian in the field of “Evidence-based Instruction Design”.  Development of scholarly teachers is one of the approaches that empowers the transformation of higher education in Malaysia. This presentation shared the journey by Malaysian educationalists to transform higher education through initiatives that drive learning to develop the future graduates through evidence-based instructional design. Prof. Irfan Naufal Umar and Prof. Wan Fauzy Wani presented on the common thread for educators in Instructional Design Strategies.

Dr. Mohammed Altahir Osman and Mohammed Suliman Al Aghbari from SQU presented a session on Practical Application of Instructional Design at SQU. They highlighted some examples of practical applications of Instructional Design principles and models at both the macro-system and micro-system levels at the University. They elaborated on the systematic process for designing and developing an online course for undergraduate students. This was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Ali Musawi from the Instructional & Learning Technology Department. 

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