Swiss musical duo, Dust of Soul, to dedicate love song to Oman

Saskia Stäuble (Dusty) and Michael Odermatt (MiKey)

Muscat - 

Swiss musical duo, Dust of Soul, comprising Basel singer Saskia Stäuble (Dusty) and Lucerne pianist Michael Odermatt (MiKey) is all set to compose a love song dedicated to Oman.

The song The Color of Oman is Love  aims to connect Switzerland and Oman highlighting the power of music in connecting nations. The duo will start recording the song in a few months.

The duo is keen to collaborate with musicians from Oman using traditional Arabic instruments like the oud, flute, bagpipe as well as modern ones like guitar, bass, drums and all kinds of percussion instruments.

Speaking to Muscat Daily , Saskia said, “We have been visiting Oman for several years now. Every time we are here, we discover something new. It is either mountains or wadis. There is something in Oman’s air that we end up humming new tunes. We plan to shoot a music video that is devoted to Oman and Switzerland. It will show artistes from several nations collaborating and expressing themselves.”

She said that this is part of the duo’s campaign ‘Humanity First’ aiming to go beyond political and cultural zones. “It will have artistes performing solo, duet and group songs. In this way we can really express our innermost feelings and share them with others to create a bond that is powerful and significant.”

Adding to Saskia, Odermatt said, “Music has no cultural boundaries. Emotions are same irrespective of any class or nationality. Our aim is to come out with songs that are appealing while touching the hearts of everyone. We plan to have an Omani male singer performing with Saskia who is the writer and composer of the song.”

After meeting at a train station in Lucerne, Saskia and Odermatt came up with the idea of Dust of Soul. They started their musical journey in July, 2012 in New York and have performed in several parts of the world including Oman since then.

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