Steps taken to cut govt expenses: H E Balushi

Muscat - 

H E Darwish bin Ismail bin Ali al Balushi, Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs on Monday said that several measures have been taken to cut government expenditure.

H E Balushi said that budget deficit is not a new phenomenon and “measures have been taken to cover the deficit”.

He added that the procedures to rationalise expenditure have been initiated, and ministries and government units are cooperating in every possible way. “These measures will continue as the current situation requires everyone to join hands to tackle the deficit.”

H E Balushi dismissed claims of secrecy regarding steps taken to rationalise expenditure. “Statements have been issued on the matter from time to time and even meetings have been held to discuss this most pressing issue of our times.”

He said that all officials involved in government affairs have been briefed on the steps taken to improve non-oil revenues and cut expenses.

H E Balushi said that the measures focus on enhancing efficiency as means to control expenditure. “The Ministry of Finance revises spending of the government and its various units and monitors their expenditure.”

Based on such monitoring, the ministry has issued a number of circulars to urge and encourage these units to limit expenditure on unnecessary items. “The measures taken by the government are clear and tangible and concerned agencies are well aware of them,” H E Balushi said.

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