Spar Oman launches Min Beiti products by Omani women from Dar al Atta’a

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As part of its commitment to empower Omani Women and to help them succeed and grow, Spar Oman will house handmade natural products prepared by Omani women, from five of its stores in the sultanate.

Spar Oman will showcase and sell handmade natural products by Omani women who are part of Dar al Atta’a’s Min Beiti (From My Home) project for empowering women. The Min Beiti project aims to support Omani women to run their businesses more efficiently while providing them with an enabling environment. Spar Oman has come forward to reach Min Beiti products to the shoppers from their retail outlets.

The handmade natural products including mango pickle, chicken spice paste, pepper spice paste will be available in Spar Oman stores from November 1. The women, who are mainly homemakers, have been making these products for quite some time and selling them in social gatherings & exhibitions. This is the first time they get an opportunity to sell their products through an established supermarket chain of Spar Oman’s stature.

Each one of these women has an inspirational story of their entrepreneurial journey. Her love for cooking has always kept Thuraya al Hinai interested in the food business. She started making and selling Omani spices in 1997. Over the years, she diversified and started making pickles, meat spice, chicken spice, mixed spices, lemon peel, eggplant mix, ginger garlic mix among others. When her products started gaining popularity, she started increasing the volume of production and started selling them in social gatherings and exhibitions.

To give herself a professional edge, she took a food security and project management course with Intilaaqah. The inspiring Thuraya continues to work with commitment despite the fact she can use only one hand having suffered injury to the other when she was preparing a mixture some years ago. The opportunity to display her product at Spar Oman has come as a blessing for her since she has always wanted more exposure for her already popular product.

Laila Shukaily started her entrepreneurial journey by making and selling Zanzibar style mango pickle. To build her capabilities she started attending seminars all across the Sultanate. To gain experience, knowledge and develop her skills in manufacturing, food preservation and packaging pickled products, she also attended a course in Jordan. Further, to develop her skills, Laila joined the Omani Women's Association in Bahla and Dar al Atta’a. Today, she makes pickles from mangoes, carrots, lemon and green Omani pumpkin. Being health conscious she only uses olive oil and doesn’t use preservatives when preparing her products. Her dream of distributing her products through stores has now come true.

Fathia al Sayabi turned cooking which was her passion, into a source of revenue generation when her husband passed away suddenly. When the responsibility of raising four children single handedly fell on her shoulders, she decided to do something about it. In 2012, she enrolled for a training course on food preparation, preservation and storage techniques and equipped herself to further business growth. She loves Arabic spices and now she is thrilled to introduce her homemade natural products to a diverse market through Spar. Kanan Kapadia, director Spar Oman, said, “We are honoured to provide space to these enterprising Omani women who have been trailblazers in their communities. We are inspired to help these women become financially independent by building on their capacity to earn a livelihood. We are happy to partner with Dar al Atta’a, Oman’s Premier Charitable Organisation who have been doing an incredible work to empower Omani women through their Min Beiti project.”

Sridhar Moosapeta, CEO Spar Oman, said, “We are pleased to partner with these exceptional women who are working to make a difference.

“We are happy to display Min Beiti homemade natural products at Spar Oman. We are pleased to create indirect sustainable employment for these women. We will be providing prominent visibility for their products so that our shoppers can understand that each unit of Min Beiti product purchased from Spar Oman, empowers those women to provide for herself and her family.”

Dr Shamsa al Harthy, CEO and member of the Board, Dar al Atta’a, said, “We are immensely grateful to Spar Oman for providing a big platform for Omani women from the Min Beiti project. We aim to empower women to become agents of change in their families and society. By offering this opportunity Spar Oman is making a positive change in the lives of these women who are from underprivileged backgrounds.”

To deliver the freshest and healthiest foods to customers and satisfy the growing demand for organic food and drink, Spar Supermarket in Oman has launched a ‘Natural’ section at its Madinat Qaboos branch and Liwan Mall branch, North Ghubra.

The 'Spar Natural' section has great selection of ingredients and easy meal solutions from an inspired vegetarian range. Similarly, shoppers can discover a wide range of locally sourced organic produce which are carefully selected keeping in mind the well-being of Spar shoppers.

First launched in 2014 in the sultanate, Spar Supermarket at present has 28 stores across Oman.

Spar’s success story in Oman has been possible because of customers’ acceptance, which has been driven by our four core values of freshness, choice, value and excellent customer service.

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