Salalah Tourism Festival concludes today

Muscat - 

The activities of Salalah Tourism Festival 2019, one of the region’s major cultural and entertainment festivals, is set to conclude on Thursday with award ceremony taking place on Friday.

According to the organisers, the festival has been a success and much appreciated by visitors with Arab singers performing live in the past few days. While Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram performed on Wednesday, other programmes will conclude on Thursday and Friday.

Talal al Mashali, director general of the Directorate of Salalah Tourism Festival, told Muscat Daily that the festival grounds attracted a good number of visitors during the period.

“The festival concludes on Thursday but we will have an award ceremony for participants on Friday. On a daily basis, the festival turnout was great.”

Mashali said the events coupled with nice weather made the festival a success. “We have received very good feedback from visitors and everyone is happy with the events and the festival in general. We hope to improve further in the coming years.”

Festival organisers lined up various events at different locations in cooperation with the private sector. Such locations include Sahl Sahlnout for Balloon Carnival, the Samahram Tourist Village, Atina Land Park and Friends of the Municipality site on the Ittin Plain, as well as Taqah and Mirbat parks for family activities. This is in addition to the cultural and religious activities.

Badru Zaman, a Muscat-based Indian expatriate who drove all the way to Salalah, said, “The weather in general was great and the festival was amazing. The organisers did a great job by having a number of activities. Children enjoyed a lot. I have been going to Salalah every year but this time there was less crowd than last year.”

Many visitors frequent the Dhofar region in general and Salalah in particular during the khareef season to witness the lush greenery and the hills cloaked in mist and fog. Till Tuesday, 699,217 visited Dhofar with Omanis accounting for 71.5 per cent, Emiratis 7.7 per cent and the rest of the GCC citizens at nine per cent.

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