SQU studying organic compounds in treated water

Muscat - 

Researchers at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) are working on a project to remove organic compounds from desalinated water and treated wastewater in Muscat by using advanced oxidation processes and nanotechnology. If successful, this process can be added to the final stages of treatment at plants.

Dr Mahad Said Baawain, director, Center for Environmental Studies and Research, SQU, said, “Increased development and industrial activity  have resulted in the presence of many new organic compounds in our water resources which conventional treatment methods cannot remove. Hence, advanced treatment methods have to be developed to remove such contaminants to protect public health and the environment.”

The project that began in May 2011 is being funded by The Research Council. Research will end in April next year.

Dr Baawain said, “Organic compounds in drinking water cause health issues, besides taste and odour problems. Problems are similar in the case of treated wastewater.”

The aim of the project, he said, was to identify organic compounds in drinking water and treated wastewater by collecting samples from different areas of Muscat. “It then investigated the application of different oxidation and nanotechnology processes to remove the identified organics.”

Dr Baawain, who is also chairman of the International Association for Hydro Environment Engineering and Research - Middle East and North Africa region collaboration committee, said that advanced oxidation and nanotechnology processes can be added to the final treatment stages at plants.”

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