SPAR Oman introduces local, healthy detox juice blends

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If you’re looking for a fun new way to take your vegetables, which is preservative free, completely organic and, above all, 100 per cent Omani, then your nearest SPAR Oman outlet has a lot to offer. 

The rapidly growing retail chain is offering Pure Super Tonic, an all-natural blend of fruit and vegetable juices, in its constant endeavour to provide customers with the best quality products, which are 100 per cent natural and Omani.

Pure Super Tonic is ideal for those who want to jumpstart their healthy living lifestyle. It is a smart dietary choice for anyone looking for a clean way to detoxify as it ensures that the body gets its requisite amount of nutrients in the purest form.

Commenting on the latest addition as part of advocating a healthy diet and lifestyle, K Devendra Kumar, general manager, SPAR Oman, said, “We are well aware that the diet trend is gearing towards more healthy food and drink choices and at SPAR Oman, we are committed to helping our customers stay on course. Apart from stocking the best and freshest quality produce, a lot of which is locally sourced, we also have some of the best health snacks that conform to the clean eating lifestyle that people are following today. We wanted to give customers more choice, especially when juice cleanses are so popular, and we wanted to give them a homegrown, pesticide-free and preservative-free product, which is a source of pure nutrients and vitamins.”

Pure Super Tonic fresh juices come in a variety of blends such as carrot, orange, celery, beets, spinach, banana and a whole lot of other seasonal, locally, organically grown fruits and vegetables exclusively available at SPAR Oman outlets.

They are combined in such a way that each bottle is a powerhouse of nutrients, ideal for anyone choosing a juice cleanse explained Kumar. With names like Fuel, Mean Green, Morning Glory, Motivate and Retreat, you are bound to feel motivated to juice your way to healthier living.

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