ROP steps up measures to boost safety on Adam-Thumrait, Wadi Jizzi routes

Muscat - 

With several accidents taking place on the Adam-Thumrait route in the recent past, the ROP has initiated several new safe driving measures to protect the lives of travellers to Salalah during the long khareef season.

The Adam Police Command has set up an ‘awareness point’ on the Adam-Thumrait road to impart knowledge on safe driving skills. An ROP official said, “Drivers should use fog lights and avoid driving very fast as the road ahead may be engulfed in fog leading to reduced visibility.”

For visitors arriving via land routes from other GCC countries, the ROP is distributing awareness booklets at Wadi Jizzi borderpost for drivers heading to Dhofar governorate through the Buraimi-Ibri, Buraimi-Ibri-Haima or Buraimi-Muscat-Salalah routes.


The ROP has said that it has made elaborate arrangements to curb road accidents and other untoward incidents during the Salalah Tourism Festival, which ends on August 31. It has also urged motorists to be cautious and not overspeed on the highway.

The Directorate General of Traffic has set up 24-hour helpline numbers for those travelling to Dhofar by road.

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