RAY Group focuses on asset life extension, safety in oil and gas sector

Muscat - 

Assets life extension is a topic which is addressed in various platforms to keep the power industry and oil and gas industry in pace with the prevailing downward market.

RAY Group introduced its partner Globecore from Germany which makes a wide range of transformer maintenance equipment such as oil purification equipment, oil regeneration equipment, transformer oil filling equipment, transformer evacuation equipment, transformer insulation drying equipment, hot air drying equipment and cold drying of transformer equipment.

All these equipment are portable and can be used in field without moving the transformer from its location. Some equipment like purification and regeneration equipment can be used in live transformer so that down time can be completely eliminated and the continuity of power supply can be maintained. RAY's partner from Norway that supplies fire/blast panels is one the leading suppliers of certified prefabricated fire and blast resistant wall systems and doors worldwide.

RAY and IKM provide fire and blast protection products. In case of fire, large compartment, walls or enclosures may be subjected to extreme conditions and impact damage due to falling debris, leading to failure and in some cases total collapse.

Blast and fire barrier – prevent fire from spreading and avoid damages due to blast. Environmental protection - In circumstances of extreme fire it is vital that both materials and construction are capable of sustaining their design function.

When subjected to these extreme conditions, IKM Fire barrier achieved a fire rating of 240 minutes and its ability to withstand impact gives it the strength to protect in harsh fires.

IKM Fire/Blast panels play a key role in terms of fire and blast in power and oil and gas industry. The key advantage of IKM, Norway Fire/Blast panels are: Light weight, free maintenance, easy to install and remove, designed for high pressure blast, no span limitation, self supporting, fire rating: NR, A0, A60, H0, H60, H120 & H240, jet fire resistant, 100 per cent prefabricated panels or units, lining to client requirements, sound absorption/reduction , bumper protection/crash barrier, ventilation and barrier combination.

RAY is confident that by introducing the two products in Oman the power and oil industries can have major benefits. One is a product that can increase the equipment lifespan and the other can protect vital assets and people in case of fire or explosion. The launch ceremony was attended by Dr Tahir al Kindi RAY International Group chairman; Rashid al Mahrouqi, director of Group Business Development; Oyvind Storvik, IKM general manager; Roman Glushchenko and Frank May-Globecore managers and senior representatives from electricity transmission and distribution and oil and gas sectors.

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