Please don’t litter during the holiday

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Apex Media is BITTER ABOUT LITTER and we are campaigning hard to raise awareness on the scourge of litter in our society and more immediately, to keep the country free of litter during the Eid al Adha holiday.

The sight of empty bottles, burger wrappers and pizza boxes strewn around parking areas, flying plastic bags on city roads, trash left behind on the beaches, in the wadis or parks are immensely disturbing. We all need to take responsibility for our own waste so that we don’t make this beautiful country appear uncared for.


For those in cars, who just hurl their rubbish onto the road or slyly dump litter on the road thinking no one is watching, it is time to change your behaviour!

Wherever you spend your holiday in Oman, make use of the ample public dustbins and waste disposal facilities. Irresponsible littering threatens our entire environment, not least the wildlife that thrives on a clean habitat.

Our very own Apex Media campaigning frog ‘Hopibi’ will definitely be out and about during Eid; he will be watching, so act responsibly.

The local authorities deploy hundreds of workers to keep Oman clean. This is our home and we need to support their efforts and not assume somebody else will clear up after us.

Children develop behaviours and learn from what they see. Help them understand that they can have a positive influence on the environment by reducing litter.

This holiday, wherever you go, please remember to take your garbage with you (including your ‘pet poop bags’) when you leave and dispose of it in an appropriate and responsible place.

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