Over 23,000 visit tourist spots across the sultanate during Eid holidays

Muscat - 

The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) announced that over 23,000 people visited different tourist sites across the sultanate during the Eid al Fitr holidays.

Of these, 11,241 visitors visited Jebel Akhdar and 8,552 Wadi Bani Khalid from June 4 to 8. As many as 702 visitors of different nationalities, visited the Scientific Centre of the turtle reserve in Ras al Jinz in South Sharqiyah governorate on the second day of Eid al Fitr. The visitors enjoyed watching the turtles and participated in the centre’s various programmes.

The Ministry of Tourism has also confirmed that cruise ships too brought tourists after the end of the cruise season to enjoy Oman during the Eid al Fitr holidays.

On the first day of Eid, 2,307 tourists arrived at Khasab Port on the Indian cruise ship Karnika, 1,202 arrived in Dibba Port and 160 people visited Khasab castle on the second day of Eid al Fitr.

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