Omantel launches eSIM

Muscat - 

Omantel has launched a digital-embedded SIM card (eSIM) for the first time in the sultanate.

The technological advancement will allow customers with eSIM-supported smartphones to enjoy unprecedented digital experience and use more than one SIM card at the same time, without having to physically swap SIMs in the phone.

Samy Ahmed al Ghassany, chief operating officer at Omantel said, “We seek to keep pace with new technological advancements, introduce innovative products and services and offer our customers unmatched and leading digital experience in the sultanate. The launch of eSIM comes in line with Omantel’s strategy to lead digital transformation and partake in bridging the digital divide in the sultanate.”

Ghassany expressed his happiness as Omantel customers will be the first to enjoy eSIM in the sultanate allowing them to use up to nine numbers at the same time without the need to physically swapping SIM cards whenever they want to use different mobile number.

Ghassany added that more smart devices will be compatible with eSIM in the future giving further impetus for the adoption of Internet of Things in the country.

Haitham Abdullah al Kharusi, vice president of Consumer Business Unit at Omantel said, “We are proud of being the first operator to launch eSIM in Oman and make it available for our customers. The devices that are currently compatible with eSIM are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. In future, it is expected that all devices will have the eSIM feature enabled including smart home devices.”

He added, “The eSIM will be very useful for customers using different numbers for business and personal use. There is no need to carry more than one device, not anymore.

“Customers can use multiple phone numbers in one device. Adding, deleting and configuring the SIMs can be done right from the phone’s settings, in addition to selecting favourite roaming network.”

The newly launched eSIM will be available across all Omantel outlets. All customers need to do is visit nearest Omantel outlet to opt for the new eSIM.

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