Omani delivers 100 tonnes of aid in Yemen

Muscat - 

After delivering 55 tonnes of aid to war-torn Yemen in February, Nasr al Jadhami has kept his promise of delivering another 100 tonnes of supplies.

Speaking to Muscat Daily from Yemen on Sunday, the 44 year old said that despite security fears and logistical issues, he has succeeded in personally donating the aid to the needy.

Jadhami, who organised a collection campaign last month, and received tonnes of donations, managed to fill a shipping container placed outside his house, as well as a second container, for the needy in Yemen.

“I arrived in Yemen on Wednesday. Reaching out to the needy was difficult as until yesterday [Saturday] afternoon, I could hear gunshots in the distance.

“I desperately needed the assistance of local authorities. In an effort to gain their trust, I went to a prison, and offered food, blankets and medicine.

“To show their appreciation, the authorities escorted me to a refugee camp where we distributed goods and made an iftar meal for approximately 300 people.”

Jadhami is now in a place called Hadhramaut. “People in Oman have donated approximately 100 tonnes of aid,” he said.

With the remaining supplies, Jadhami plans to visit other refugee camps on Sunday and Monday, before continuing on to Africa to oversee the drilling of water wells in Somalia.

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