Oman to roll out red carpet for super and classic cars with seven day rally

Muscat - 

This December, Oman will roll out the red carpet for one of the world’s most prestigious super and classic car rallies in the world – the Oman Grand Tour.

Organised by London-based Rally Royale, the seven-day grand tour from December 7-13 is expected to see up to 26 pre-'70s and super car enthusiasts. Although the initial plan was to run two rallies, a 20-day and ten day event, the organisers have postponed the longer versions to next year and will begin the inaugural event with a compact seven-day adventure. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ruba Jurdi, founder and chief executive of Rally Royale, said, “We are currently preparing a final itinerary with our partners in Oman. To facilitate the best possible experience for everyone, we're planning a shorter and very focused debut event centered around Muscat, with a grand gala at its conclusion, which is being sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) among other local partners.”

She added that the objective was to promote Oman as a tourist destination regionally and internationally. “We are very excited that Oman TV, Oman Radio and other international media will be covering the event. This debut event will feature prestige, super and classic vehicles from around the region and further afield.”

As per the earlier plan, the route for the 20-day rally stretched from Salalah to Muscat via Sharqiyah Sands and Jebel Akhdar to the final destination Dubai via Musandam. It had been planned and marketed months before the event. Ruba said that it is still very much a plan.

“I've travelled the entire route and enjoyed meeting people, camping in the desert, as well as the superb accommodation of some of the world's best hotels and resorts. We also continue to have the full support of MoT for such a grand scale event. This type of event is very attractive on a number of levels - internationally, regionally and locally. Oman has superb roads, and is a land of contrasts and variety. We think it makes an excellent choice for our rallies into the future. Our plan is to run the 20-day tour around October/November in 2016,” she said.

For the seven-day rally, Ruba said that the route and event details will be changed from what was planned initially, to match the type of cars, duration and location planning.

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